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Resinous Floor Systems is the term that generally describes “liquid applied” or “poured” floor systems. As “automobile” is to a specific brand like Chevrolet, so “resinous floor systems” is to, in example, an epoxy floor. While epoxy systems may be the most commonly known, most floor coating systems are just that, a system. Very few are straight or “pure”, say epoxy systems. Usually a floor coating system is comprised of one material used as a primer, another different intermediate or base coat, and frequently something totally different for the top or “wear” coat. The common thread between all resinous floor system components is that they are polymers or plastics that come in a liquid state and cure to a solid form.

If you think about how many different plastics we have, and the different characteristics these plastics have the same could be said for floor resins. Just as the plastic in a bucket or pail is different from the plastic case of say, your television or computer, the resins or polymers in a floor system may vary, Some are harder and more brittle, while others are softer and more flexible. Some have extremely high chemical resistance yet may be readily scratched or marred. Others may not be easily marred but will not tolerate some chemical exposures. Some are stable when exposed to UV light (sunlight) while others may fade or chalk. Some are very expensive on a cost per dry mil of thickness basis and others can be applied fairly thickly for a reasonable price. Some will bond very well to properly prepared concrete (primers), others do not adhere to concrete well at all.

Wise consumers research what polymers or resins are most appropriate for the application they need to address. Certainly one can spend a lot of time reading about all of the different floor systems available and the characteristics of the resins utilized in those systems to determine the best approach. One could also ask the guy at the local Home Depot or paint store, who may have installed one or two floor systems, may not have ever installed one, and or may or may not have ever even read, let alone understood, the directions on the product package.
An easier and infinitely safer way is to find someone who has a vast knowledge of the resins or polymers that are available, what characteristics each exhibits, what demands will be placed on any given application, who does not have a vested interest in “pushing” any particular product or system, who has successfully installed millions of square feet, who not only understands every word of the manufacturer’s directions, but also is someone the manufacturers will consult as they develop new materials. Call Forever Floors– We do all of that!

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