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Floor Tile, Carpeting, Mastic & Coatings Removal
Not long after Forever Floors was started we developed a reputation for our reliability and ability to tackle tough problems effectively and professionally. Early on we bought our first shot blasting machine and started developing techniques for removing paint, floor coatings, and mastics (the glue used for adhering carpet, floor tile and sheet goods). Contractors called who needed carpeting and vinyl composition tile removed quickly and effectively. Calls than began to come in from contractors who needed vinyl asbestos floor tiles and the related mastic removed as part of asbestos remediation projects.
We did the research to determine what regulations needed to be followed and what licenses were required. We obtained the training and certifications for our employees and the licenses for our company. Over the next decade we completed countless schools and abatement projects in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. This experience along with the other work we were hired to complete to prepare floors for the installation of resinous floor systems provided valuable lessons for the best way to remove thick coatings, sticky gooey mastics and other troublesome “bond breakers” (stuff that will prevent new materials from adhering to the concrete).
Through this experience we found the value of networking with other trade professionals and started attending the World of Concrete and subscribing to industry trade magazine and journals. We also have kept abreast of the changes in techniques and continually invested in equipment that has been developed for tackling this tough segment of the floor preparation industry
Forever Floors brings this education, equipment and expertise to the table (or should we say “to the floor”?) in order to provide the most comprehensive floor preparation services available in the industry to our clients.
If you are faced with a challenging floor preparation project, floor tile, carpet, adhesives or old coatings you want removed right Call Forever Floors– We Do That!

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