Dry Floor Preparation

Floors are prepared utilizing either wet or dry techniques, with the dry approaches being overwhelmingly preferred. Dry approaches allow the floor finishes to be applied immediately after preparation operations are completed. Since the manufacturers of most floor finishes specify the floor be clean and dry prior to installation or application of their material it doesn’t make a lot of sense to introduce water or moisture into the surface to be finished.
Since Forever Floors was started in 1984 we have invested significant amounts of money in buying the highest quality shot blasting, scarifying, concrete grinding and other dry surface preparation equipment or tools. Forever Floors’ more than quarter century of networking with trade groups, other flooring contractors, attending trade related shows (the World of Concrete, Painting & Decorating Contractors of America conventions, National Flooring Association seminars, etc.) and extensive trade involvement has allowed us to develop an comprehensive list of resources for renting the more unusual equipment not regularly used, although needed to properly prepare surfaces.
At Forever Floors we do not believe “one size fits all”. While we certainly appreciate the value of a Swiss army knife in a pinch, we subscribe to the idea of using the right tool for the job and have made a point of investing both our time and money in the best equipment, the best techniques and the best network to insure your floor is prepared to a level that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications. . We will not use a hammer when a scissors is needed!

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