Floor Preparation


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Some people think that floor coatings are prone to fail. Others have found that when an expert prepares the floor that failures are almost non-existent. Floors require a considerably higher level of surface preparation than virtually any other surface in the coating or finishing world. When one considers what floors are exposed to, it really isn’t much of a surprise that the quality of the preparation is critical to the long term success of the installation.

From chemicals (road salts, spills of whatever product, etc.) scuffs and scrapes, incredibly high “rolling point loads”, high traffic, abuse, UV and an almost endless list of other exposures, if the material applied to the surface does not have a tenacious bond, the floor system regardless of the type (short of “floating floors”), is prone to fail. On the other hand, when the surface is properly prepared the strength of the bond of a coating can be so strong that it will exceed the integrity of the material to which it has been applied. At Forever Floors we have completed extensive bond testing and have had countless examples where we attempted to delaminate our material from concrete or wood and the concrete or wood failed (separated from itself, even breaking the stones in concrete!) before our coating could be separated from it.

If you want to insure that the floor system you have installed will live up to your expectations, call the experts at Forever Floors to prepare it prior to installing any flooring materials. We have prepared millions of square feet of floors for underlayments, overlays, floor tile installations, resinous floor systems, conventional and high performance finishes. We have an extensive array of equipment specifically designed for the proper preparation of floors- whether wood, steel or concrete.

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