Wet Floor Preparation

Wet Prep
While whenever practical dry preparation techniques are always preferred, there are times when wet preparation is advantageous or necessary. Limitations in space, access or similar job related restrictions sometimes make it difficult or impossible to use shot blasting, diamond grinding or other preferential techniques.
When this happens it is comforting to know that the company you choose to work with has the skill, knowledge and equipment to get your floor prepared properly regardless of field conditions. Since Forever Floors was spawned from Hot Shot Cleaning and still maintains common ownership, we have a high level of expertise in chemical cleaning- from paint removal, to acid cleaning (etching) along with more traditional techniques- floor scrubbing and sanding. Over 35 years in the building restoration business has enabled Hot Shot to develop impressive skill sets for erecting and maintaining collection ponds, ponding and pumping waste water not to mention extensive experience in flood cleanup techniques. Having this knowledge, expertise, and equipment readily available makes it possible for Forever Floors to complete wet preparation operations as well as it can be done.
When you call Forever Floors you can rest assured that we will share all of the advantages and disadvantages of all approaches that make sense for the specifics of your project. Regardless whether wet or dry, the proper preparation of your floor is our utmost concern. You can count on the prep work we do being the best you can get done, given the particulars of your job

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