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Before you start, consider the finish.  If you want a floor system that stays where it’s put, that protects you while it protects your wood or concrete, that can handle what’s thrown at it, Call Forever Floors– We Do That!


At Forever Floors we realize that frequently in order to achieve a satisfactory end result we need to go back a step or two or maybe even to the beginning. Our experts are well versed at repairing wooden floors. From simple subfloor patches to allow for installation of pre-manufactured floor materials (carpet, vinyl composition or ceramic tile, etc.) to the more complex repairs- “toothing in” tongue and groove hard or soft wood floors scheduled to be finished with natural or clear finishes, we can handle it all.
Not only can we repair a standard hard or soft wood floor with a repair that is difficult or impossible to pick out, but we are able to locate and or custom mill repair components to match the more unusual or older flooring materials out there. From thicker factory floors to “iron bond” installations we have completed countless wooden floor repairs that stymied other flooring finishing companies.
Occasionally simply repairing the surface or even the subfloor materials may not be enough either. There are times where the supporting or superstructure components have been damaged or compromised. Water damage, improperly completed plumbing or mechanical repairs, overloaded joists or other issues can lead to wavy, uneven finished floors. We have the equipment, personnel and expertise to remove and replace or repair sagging floor joists, to restore a sloping floor to a flat, level, stable condition. There are very few wooden floor repairs that exceed the scope of work that the craftsmen at Forever Floors can handle.

If you need your wooden floors repaired in a professional effective manner Call Forever Floors– We do That!

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