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Cementitous Materials


If you have large areas of spalled (top surface damaged- see glossary of terms for more info) concrete or improperly sloped, or larger amounts of deeply damaged concrete the use of cementitous repair materials may very well make sense.
These materials often referred to as underlayment or self leveling underlayments, are considerably less expensive per cubic foot than resinous materials and often are a great way to repair your damaged concrete. The main drawback to this family of materials is the time needed for the material to set up or cure prior to being placed back into full service or prior to finishing. Additionally these materials typically are not designed as a wearing surface- that is to say that they are designed as a repair material only and require some type of finish or wearing layer (carpeting, tile, resinous floor materials, etc.) be installed as the finish or “wear layer” after they have cured.
As with any floor repair, the inconvenience and cost to take a floor out of service, the potential cost for removing and replacing newly installed floor finishes (floor tile, carpet, laminate, etc.) if the repair is not completed properly, make any additional cost you might pay, for having reliable professionals like the technicians at Forever Floors complete the repair, inexpensive insurance.
If you need your concrete floors repaired, Forever Floors is a safe bet. We are approved installers for Ardex, Mapei, EZ Lay, Sonoflow, CMP as well as a number of other manufacturers’ products. For reliable, professional concrete floor repairs Call Forever Floors– We do That!

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