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Crack, Expansion & Control Joint Treatment


Left untreated, cracks in concrete, expansion and control joints all can lead to problems. Heavy rolling point loads (pallet jacks, floor jacks- especially steel wheeled varieties, etc.), slab movement and other related conditions cause the corners of the slab to break off and things go down hill from there.
Often it becomes increasingly difficult to move your floor or pallet jack over the floor as it gets hung up in the ever deepening crack or joint. Product not secured by shrink wrap may fall off the pallet as your go over the crack or joint, possibly breaking as it hits the floor or if nothing else causing the operator to stop and restack the pallet. Chunks of the concrete may become dislodged and in turn get caught under the wheel of your jack stopping it from moving completely.
If your floor is finished, when cracks or joint are left open or open up, water can get into the opening, spread to the adjacent concrete and via moisture drive cause the floor system to fail, further compromising the integrity of the system and leading to a larger and larger system failure.
All in all there are a lot of bad things that can happen when joints or cracks are not treated properly. In the end they all affect the performance of your floor, your productivity and ultimately your bottom line. If you want your joints treated properly Call Forever Floors– We Do That!

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