Floor Repairs

Resinous Materials


If you need your floor repaired quickly, if you can only afford to have the floor out of service for a short period of time, or if perhaps the repair must be completed in low temperatures, you may very well need a resinous repair.
Resinous repairs utilize polymers (resins, epoxies, etc.) mixed with different sized aggregates (silica flour, sand , stone, etc.) to form a self leveling slurry, mortar or “polymer concrete” for repairing anything from shallow (1/16”+/-) minor repairs to deep (4”+) holes. Resinous materials are considerably more expensive than cementitious products. Beyond the expense of taking a floor out of service, the cost of removing the existing finish (floor tile, carpet, laminate, etc.) to access the repair site, the cost of replacing the finish after the repair is completed, as well as the overall inconvenience , the cost of undoing and redoing the actual repair itself is prohibitive.
When it comes to floor repairs, utilizing a company that has extensive experience with the materials that are best suited for your application not only makes sense it saves dollars. For high quality, long lasting concrete floor repairs Call Forever Floors– We do That!

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