Wet Floor Preparation

Acid Etching
Acid Etching is one of the most common ways people think to prepare a concrete floor. It is also the cause of a significant number of floor coating failures.
Between poorly written instructions, lack of understanding of the limitations of this method of surface preparation and poor application and rinsing techniques there is a lot that can go wrong with acid etching. At Forever Floors we are dedicated to installing the highest quality floor installations possible and while we prefer not to acid etch there are times where it is the most practical approach.
We decided that if we were going to do it at all we had to determine how to do it in a way that we could achieve the kind of bonds that we are able to achieve with other more desirable dry preparation techniques. To accomplish this we did extensive bond testing over concrete that had been etched utilizing different dilutions; dwell times, rinsing techniques, and a number of other variables that could occur in the field. This testing led us to some approaches that virtually never failed, that provided us with a surface that could be finished with virtually any of the polymers we use without a loss of bond.
If the only practical way to prepare you floor is utilizing acid etching and you want it done properly, Call Forever Floors– We Acid Etch!

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