Wet Floor Preparation

Pressure Washing & Floor Scrubbing
At Forever Floors we have the equipment to clean your floors to prepare them for refinishing or as part of a routine maintenance program. We have small janitorial style floor scrubbers as well as large walk behind units that clean, rinse and wet vac all in one operation.
If you need heavy duty degreasing or floor system removal we can bring in industrial grade equipment through our parent company Hot Shot Cleaning. Hot Shot’s monster 3500 psi, 10 gallon per minute pressure washer is powered by a 37 horsepower diesel engine and is capable of heating all 10 gallons per minute beyond boiling with its million BTU oil fired boiler. With this heat and pressure floor cleaning problems disappear. If necessary, we will bring in the appropriate detergents, strippers or other chemicals needed to get your floor to the condition you desire or need.
And you need not worry about containing or disposing of the water, we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to collect, pump and or recycle waste water. We have the experience and expertise to custom tailor your project to meet your requisites. If you need your floors cleaned as part of a wet prep regime or to clean them on an ongoing basis Call Forever Floors– We Do That!

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